Who are Circle Psychics?

Not only have Circle Psychics been delivering readings over the years since their founding in 1997, but they’ve continued to thrive over the years, which tells us they’ve got something right!

You can look forward to phone and chat readings from The Circle psychics as well as enjoy a variety of readings and facilities for a variety of different reading styles The Circle psychics also has a great blog full of interesting articles, perfect for those interested in psychics, Interest in self-development and esoteric topics.

The primary means of contacting a psychic with The Circle Psychics is by phone and text chat, and you can pay your psychic via phone bill (if you choose to call your psychic) or credit/debit card (for text chats or calls) psychic).

You’ll find more information below explaining the ins and outs of how the Psychic Circle works, but if you have questions you need answered right now, all you need to do is read on with Psychic Source in 5 easy steps.

  • Access psychological resources.
  • Register your details.
  • Choose your favorite available psychic from the options shown.
  • Psychological Reading: As low as $1.
  • Click “Call” (the psychic will call you back).

What makes Circle Psychics stand out?

Circle Psychics seems to be a fairly low-key site, mostly because their site isn’t particularly attractive in terms of design, but there are a few good things you should know about them.

You can get introductory reading for as little as $0.29 per minute.
Standard pricing for new and existing customers is only $1.50 per minute.
Their services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee and reliable customer service.
They demonstrate transparency and integrity.

The site may seem lacking in design, but it does have all the features you’d expect from a psychic site, such as a favorite button, live commentary, and lots of interesting articles.

What types of readings does Circle Psychics Psychics offer?

Circle Psychics offers a variety of readings because they have a wide range of skilled and diverse psychologists working for them. Their website clearly explains the type of reading you can enjoy, for example they offer:

  • psychic reading
  • tarot divination
  • medium reading
  • astrological readings
  • clairvoyant reading
  • angel books

Each psychic may also have various skills that they can add to their readings, which may not be categorized by The Circle’s main navigation, but you can read their psychic profiles by reading Come and learn more. It contains a lot of information and is laid out in a clear and easy-to-navigate manner.

Is Circle Psychics trustworthy?

We believe you can trust The Circle Psychics, and we’ve set out to explain why below;

Reduce customer risk

There are many ways to reduce any risk when booking a reading, and investing in risk reduction as a psych provider is an excellent way for The Circle (or any other psych line) to encourage new and potential clients to enjoy reading. After all, if you have nothing to worry about, and you can trust the psychic provider to have done their due diligence, then you’re likely to keep reading and enjoy reading.

Most psychic sites know this, and The Circle psychics work hard to provide everything you expect and need from a trusted site.

For example:

  • Live reviews of each psychic from psychic clients.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Easy to contact customer service department.
  • Psychological monitoring with professionalism and integrity.
  • A rigorous screening process before allowing psychics to read on the site.
  • Loyalty program with free minutes.

This platform

Another important characteristic is the platform that the psychic line uses; you need to know that it is safe, and you would appreciate it if it was also easy to navigate. Here’s how The Circle Psychics fared in the field:


The Circle Psychics website is secure and security is strictly maintained. Whenever you use a website that requires your payment information, it’s always important to use a secure password and a password that’s different from the other websites you use.

This is not because the site is a security risk, but to protect you and reduce problems if any site you use is hacked.

If you want extra security, choose to pay via your phone bill and you don’t even have to register your card details!


Circle Psychics provides all the information you’d expect from a psychic site, including information to help you get the most out of your reading (it’s a useful read!) and clear instructions on how to contact a psychic. Simple payment methods and clear instructions on how to contact customer service.

The psychic

Most psychic hotlines claim to have the best psychics around, and The Circle Psychics is no exception. You can usually tell if they will keep their word by their screening process, which they claim is industry-leading.

Circle Psychics does seem to be concerned about their screening process, and they claim that their readers go through a rigorous testing period before appearing on the site. The Circle claims more than 90% of applicants are rejected because they don’t meet their criteria. This means you should be confident that you are likely to be happy with your call.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you might be unhappy with your phone, you’re still covered by The Circle’s Satisfaction Guarantee, designed to enhance your experience by giving you a solution in case one of their Psychiatrists took a day off – or cheated on their screening process.

If you’re not comfortable reading it, here’s what to do:

Terminate your call within five minutes.
Contact Customer Service using the toll-free number you originally dialed.
Circle will then connect you to another reader or refund your money.

All satisfaction guarantees are not equal; depending on which psychic site you use, some are better than others.

Here’s what you need to know if you plan to read with The Circle

Calls longer than 5 minutes are not valid.
You must contact The Circle within 60 minutes of terminating your original reading.
The money-back guarantee applies to credit card calls that are connected to the reader for up to 5 minutes.
No information on what happens with phone bill reading
Each person is limited to 5 refunds.
All requests must be made through the toll-free number and are subject to verification.

Note: Circle Psychics monitors all psychic and client contacts. They will usually evaluate the call to see if your reading is really poor for legitimate and fair reasons. Or if you’re frustrated because you don’t like what you heard (cases are different and non-refundable)


Circle Psychics might not look the best when you consider how well designed and gorgeous their website is, but they have a solid and sustainable business model, a fair pricing structure, a rigorous screening process, and easy-to-contact customer service.

That means they ticked some major boxes and got our thumbs up.

While we think Psychic Circle is worth exploring, there are many high-quality online psychic sites that offer better security, better navigation, and a better user experience than Psychic Circle.

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