1.tarot and money

Description: A hand is stretched out in the cloud, holding a coin. The background is a lush garden with flowers and plants, and there is a white mountain in the distance outside the green tree arch, suggesting that coins can extend to the spiritual level as well as the material.The earth elements of the coin deck represent the most practical things in the world, including money, wealth and body. When coins appear, they usually represent a new plan about money or material, such as investment plan, shopping and buying house plan, business plan, etc., and the prospects are bright. But this does not mean that you will be successful in official career forever, but a reminder that what you want is within your reach.

2.tarot and money

Description of card face: Judging from the high tide of the sea and the coins played by artists, the second coin shows the fluctuation of financial situation in a narrow sense and the ebb and flow of life in a broad sense. Life is like a ship sailing on the sea, rising and falling with the tide, experiencing various changes. Therefore, when the second coin is drawn, the parties often face some fluctuations, including emotional, financial or other fluctuations.The most superficial meaning of coin two is entertainment. The clown performing in the street is a typical form of entertainment. Coin two symbolizes a good time full of happiness and laughter. If you feel depressed recently, Coin 2 suggests that you play more and you will be more energetic.

explanation of tarot card for divining money

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