1.The moon is in the right position

Encountered a false love, on the surface, you seem to have no great complaints about each other. But in private, you often cry to your friends. In fact, this is all because you are unwilling to face the coming challenges. You are only willing to live in the past thoughts, perhaps just some evasive mentality. You may fall into an ambiguous relationship or triangle, be constantly trapped by rumors, and finally be betrayed by your lover.

Tarot card divination explanation of love

2. Recluse inversion

Adopt a conservative love attitude and have doubts about your lover. Or a frivolous love affair, some nitpicking, resulting in a lukewarm love situation. You dare not express your unrequited love. There is no way to make your relationship go further. Tarot card divination love: you are not willing to accept the fact of breaking up and will not let go. Afraid of this change. In order to resist this change, you may take some radical measures, but this will hurt some people. It is suggested to think twice before acting. Without anyone, the sun still rises and sets every day. Don’t take it too hard, calm down.

3.Pope inversion

Too much concern for each other, on the contrary, gives people the feeling of insecurity. It turned out to be a love affair with shallow fate. Lovers are not considerate enough to understand each other. It’s not a good time to get married. The relationship between you can’t be forgiven by your relatives.

Tarot card divination explanation of love

4.Star currency is in the right position.

This card shows that your recent love luck is ok, but it is not particularly good. If you are single, it is unlikely that there will be a new relationship. You put a lot of pressure on yourself, so it is difficult to find time to fall in love. If you are already in love, it shows that your relationship has been very stable, but there will also be some bumps that will make you stagnate.

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