In Gypsy, tarot means playing cards. Many scholars who study tarot cards believe that tarot cards probably originated from gypsies, because where there are gypsies, there are tarot cards, and they are the people who can understand its profound meaning. In the most powerful period of the Holy See, it was the protection of theGypsies that made the tarot card popular today. For a long time, only gypsies could understand the tarot card, and many of the card meanings were based on theinterpretation of gypsies.
The cultural history of Tarot cards


At the same time, Gypsies also developed the divination method of Tarot cards, which also provided an important basis for the theory of the origin of Tarot cards. However, many scholars believe that the Gypsy nation, as a wandering nomadic nation, is unlikely to develop a very systematic philosophy of tarot cards. They believe that tarot cards are not products of Gypsy, but they learned from other civilizations. Gypsy people wander around and make a living by divination. Tarot is only one of their many ways of divination. Gypsy people introduced the word “tarot” into Europe, making great contributions to the spread of tarot.

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