Since the birth of the tarot card, there have been different legends about its origin, which has also deepened the mysterious flavor of the tarot card and attracted historians, mystics and poker experts from all over the world to explore. There are many legends about the origin of tarot, among which the Italian theory, the Gypsy theory and the ancient Egyptian theory are the most popular. In addition, there are Chinese doctrine, Moroccan doctrine, Islamic doctrine in the Middle East, Katri doctrine, Kabbala doctrine, Indian doctrine, etc., which have their own basis, but there is no conclusive evidence.

The culture of tarot cards


All available evidence today shows that the first set of cards that can be called tarot cards originated in Italy around the 15th century. At that time, the main use was games, not so mysterious. According to historians, as early as the 14th century, some of the nobles of European countries began to play tarot, which also made the Italian theory of tarot taken for granted by many people. Tarocci, a popular poker game in Italy at that time, was very similar to the pronunciation of “tarot” tarot. In addition, Tarot also has 22 cards, which is the same number as the 22 main cards of Tarot, the Great Arcana. At the same time, the meaning of love, victory, death, reputation, fate and future in Italian poetry is also similar to the meaning of the tarot card. Therefore, Tarot’s theory of Italian origin has been approved and supported by many people. However, during the period, the tarot card was strictly prohibited by the European Holy See, and was classified as the mysterious magic of paganism and the prophecy atlas of the devil. The country was the most serious, and was banned for hundreds of years, which destroyed many important historical documents about the tarot card. Therefore, there is no evidence to clearly explain whether Tarot is the current tarot. In addition, many scholars who study tarot cards believe that these evidences can only prove that tarot cards once appeared in Europe, and cannot prove that tarot cards originated in Italy.

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