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Purple Garden is a popular counseling service and they have a mobile app. High-quality apps for Apple (iOS) and Android (Google Play) devices, both available for free download. The company specializes in matching psychic advisors to people looking for live chat and video reading. You can easily open their app, find a trusted advisor, and start talking with them face-to-face right away. If your favorite counselor is not online, you can make an appointment to read at a time that is convenient to you.

Purple Garden only works with the best consultants in the industry. Any psychic who wants to offer their services through their app will need to fill out a full application form, take a test reading and be able to demonstrate that they have experience in the industry. Anyone who fails to pass all requirements will not be allowed to provide their services. Plus, each psychic is rated by real paying users of the app, so you can see the quality of the readings they offer. Advisors who consistently receive poor ratings or provide less-than-satisfactory service will be quickly removed from the app, so clients can only hope for the best.

Types of Psychology and Services

Through this service, you can get almost any type of counselor you can think of. Since Purple Garden works exclusively with those who are looking for live video or chat reading, their list of psychics will change based on who is available. For each consultant, you can watch a profile video and learn about them, including the types of services they offer and any specialties they offer, as well as reviews from real paying clients who have used their services. In this app you will find people who specialize in relationship advice, career advice, general relationship advice and more. You can also choose consultants based on the type of tools they use to provide readings, such as tarot, astrology, palm reading, angelic insight, and more.


Prices for live readings are set by individual psychologists and as such can vary widely. However, base prices will start at $0.99 per minute, so you can expect to pay as much or more per read. However, since you’re getting real-time advice via video, an advisor will be able to give you a lot of information in a short amount of time compared to many other similar services. All of their prices are clearly listed before you start reading, so you won’t be surprised by what you’ll need to pay. These readings are paid for with in-app credits, so you can keep an eye on your spending. You can end an active session at any time, and you only pay for the time you use.

Customer Support

If you have any issues using the app or any of their services, the customer support team is quick to help. However, their apps are well-designed and stable, so most people won’t experience any kind of technical difficulties at all. If there is a problem with your reading, you can ask for a refund, and as long as it is a legitimate complaint, you will have the points returned to your account immediately.


All psychic readings require privacy and confidentiality, and this is especially true with live video readings. Psychic advisors know that people often entrust their secrets to them, and they take that trust seriously. The Purple Garden app does not share any personal information with advisors other than your username, date of birth, and gender. This is all to help ensure your privacy is maintained at all times while using this app. It is up to you if you want to share personal information with your advisor.

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