The moon naturally has abundant emotional hints. People have joys and sorrows, and the moon has cloudy and sunny waxes and wanes. Young people use the moon to express their emotional ups and downs, and the elderly use the moon to taste the joys of the world.

Last month, we entered the soft and romantic water sign under the brilliance of the moon, and experienced sensitivity and passion under the interweaving of negative energy.

Today, another camp of negative constellations: earth signs become the protagonist of the article.

The moon is pure white and hangs high in the sky, illuminating the vast land when night falls. If such a holy and white goddess of the moon is combined with a pragmatic, calm and serious earth sign, what kind of scenery will it look like?

This time, let us walk into the hearts of the moon and earth signs to explore their unknown side.

we entered the soft and romantic water sign under the brilliance of the moon

If you use one word to describe Capricorn, I believe that the four words “heart like a rock” will appear in many people’s minds.

Capricorn itself is a depressive and low-key constellation. When the moon falls here, it dilutes the original bright and bright light, which makes the moon Capricorn always give people the impression of being indifferent and boring.

Capricorns usually have strong parents, and their childhood lives are full of “disciplining” love. The power of authority is so decisive that Moon Capricorns rarely have the opportunity to express negative and questioning, which may trigger them. Habitual disappointment and indifference to emotions, and turned to fanatical pursuit of material and power.

Of course, no one is born indifferent. Capricorn Moon disguises himself with a serious appearance to make others feel alienated, in order to protect the secret of insecurity deep in his heart.

If everyone’s heart is a painting, then the one belonging to Capricorn will have an endless coast, and a child stands on the shore. The moment the child turned his head, his eyes showed a longing for love, but it only took a moment for him to change into a serious and mature face, full of restraint and reserve, and beware of getting hurt a little bit.

Unable to be tolerant of the world and truly relaxed about feelings, so the Capricorn Moon who chooses to heal his scars alone will always live alone in his heart. They have never given up their yearning for happiness, but they always feel that only “adults” who are mature enough and accomplished enough are qualified to reap love, so they work hard to grow up and “decorate” themselves with maturity and calmness.

Heaven pays off, the resolute soul of Capricorn Moon will melt with age, material gains will double their self-confidence, and the precipitation of time will sharpen Capricorn Moon to be brave and resolute, allowing them to deal with the world more calmly. What’s interesting is that when their spirit is strong enough, they will release that child at a truly mature age to achieve a reverse growth like “Rejuvenation”.

Capricorns only need to stand silently under the blessing of the God of Time and wait for the flowers to bloom.

Capricorn’s feelings are usually purposeful, they yearn for benefits and worldly success.

But in addition to the emotional changes of the moon, Capricorn still has a part of the stubbornness of the earth sign: anyone or something that Capricorn recognizes, they will follow unswervingly.

They are contradictory entities. While they are afraid that others will see through their hearts, they also long for the appearance of confidantes.

You must know that the emotions that Capricorns need are long-lasting and considerate. It is best for them to make up for the contempt they have suffered and fill the lack of inner security. You need to prove to him in various ways: you are very important to me, and I need you.

Whether it is friendship or love, for them, the most important thing in a relationship is respect and commitment.

Under what circumstances would such a “steadfast” Capricorn resolutely choose to give up?

On the one hand, it may be that they failed to see your “future” from the realistic level, and this relationship failed to give him the “benefits” he wanted, so they gave up. On the other hand, it may be that in the process of getting along, you raised the scars in his heart, which made him break away from emotion and return to reality, and returned to the original starting point of “distrust of feelings”.

But in any case, facing up to one’s own emotional needs and calmly facing the spiritual world are issues that Moon Capricorns need to pay attention to.

Speaking of love in Capricorn Moon, it is probably the deepest and most realistic love among all Moon signs.

They always have a spirit of “I don’t need to be in love” and are “pragmatic”.

Having a Capricorn lover can be the most special love experience in the world. They care about reality and are the best life mentors and life partners. They lack romance on the surface and are innocent, but they will clumsily and sincerely create surprises behind their backs. They will silently remember all the anniversaries, because lonely children enjoy the time of loving each other in the years.

Because once Capricorn recognizes a person, he will love without hesitation. Material and achievements are very important to the earth signs. Precious feelings naturally need to be matched with high values, so they are also one of the most willing to squander for their lovers.

But for Capricorn Moon, the difficulty is how to maintain “intimacy” in the relationship, how to absorb the childlike innocence and joy in the relationship, and how to truly relax and participate in a relationship.

Only by being honest with each other can love be achieved. When Capricorns get rid of the panic of feelings and expectations of others, they will definitely grow unexpectedly.

When the stability of the earth sign is combined with the yin of the moon, it will make the relationship cast a material color, and Virgo is a model of it.

In astrology, the moon represents the feminine energy and is also a symbol of the mother. Virgo mothers are meticulous, considerate and industrious. Under such a diligent attitude towards life, they usually convey a humble sense of service. Therefore, when a Virgo encounters a problem, he will first look inward to find the reason: “Did I make someone unhappy?”.

Furthermore, in social relationships, Virgos are afraid that “not perfect” self-expression will bring them disadvantageous situations, and they are afraid of embarrassment and in-depth communication. Gradually, they become cold, harsh, and inaccessible people in the eyes of others.

In classical astrological theory, the moon is the ruler of Virgo. The proper position makes Virgo full of calmness and rationality. Behind their aloofness, there is a bowl of water that is similar to Libra and does not meddle in other people’s business.

“People don’t offend me, I don’t offend others”, Virgos have the most equal and comprehensive concept of making friends in relationships, which can support them to maintain a proper state when going in and out of different social environments.

When caught in self-contradictions and doubts, how to liberate oneself, restore peace and happiness, these are issues that Virgos have to experience.

Virgo’s preference in relationship and Virgo’s characteristics: detail control.

In terms of feelings, I hope that the other half is a caring and meticulous person who cares about everything. Whether he can participate in his daily life well is a very important criterion for judging. But Virgos want to pursue perfection in everything, and relationships are no exception. Therefore, Moon Virgo is always prone to sadomasochism.

Virgos are very good partners. If you consider working with a Virgo, whether you can make a lot of money or not is aside for the time being. At least they must be very responsible and reliable partners, and they are the same as Virgos. Working together will learn a lot of practical skills.

Virgos often lead to criticism due to being too rational, like the famous Virgo writer Tolstoy, he is so sharp and sensitive, and his words hit the nail on the head. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that Virgos will become innocent and arrogant children in their emotional life. While devoting themselves to love, they criticize love stiffly.

Virgos are unswerving in terms of relationships, and their changing patterns allow them to have a slightly different dream about their relationships than earth signs. It may be because of their perfectionist expectations towards relationships that make Virgos of the Moon exude infinite charm.

Virgos treat their lovers meticulously, they will actually do something for the integrity of the relationship, and try to ensure that it starts well and ends well.

If you have a Virgo lover, then your love experience should be unforgettable, right? Whether it’s the scolding like a baby, or the heart-warming care and help, they are all so vivid and lovely, because they are lovers with the most vitality, and their love permeates every air in the room.

Virgo’s attitude towards love is warm and friendly most of the time. They exude the brilliance of maternal kindness. Behind the perfectionism is the care and tenderness in every detail.

If the love Virgo is looking forward to is a test paper, it is estimated that it will get a full score if it is submitted. Each full-score answer sheet is pieced together with little effort, and Virgo is a top student who “takes notes” on life and love.

I think, if there is a pure and beautiful love, Virgo will go forward without hesitation.

Taurus is the prosperous position of the moon temple. From this, Taurus is emotionally stable and self-consistent, does things calmly, and has a calm and indifferent attitude towards life.

There will always be people who say that Taurus is materialistic and selfish. Their thoughts seem to be on their faces, and their expressions that are not vivid enough make people feel unhappy. But in fact, behind the revealed expression is the magnanimity and pragmatism of Taurus.

If you have a Taurus friend, you will find that he is always so free-spirited, as if everything in life is carefree and beautiful, especially food and movies, so Taurus is also a master at enjoying life.

The pragmatism of Taurus is actually another kind of self-consistency. In order to live the life you love, Taurus will purposefully plan a comfortable path. They are not willing to make calculations behind their backs, so they frankly use practical actions to tell others how pragmatic they are.

And these so-called pragmatism are just the actual manifestation of “the contented are always happy”.

The emotional supply of Taurus is generally sufficient, and their own inner coordination ability is strong and stable.

Due to the strong emotional aspects of Taurus, they usually have a “lazy” attitude towards the details of interpersonal relationships, with a long acceptance cycle and slow response, making it difficult to make choices.

In the early stage of developing a relationship, Taurus will make great efforts to maintain such a relationship. Strong stability, unhurried, not slow, in addition to the step-by-step emotional development progress, the source of the sense of security given to Taurus may also come from material enjoyment.

Taurus hopes to have carefree enjoyment, and this has to consider whether the funds are sufficient.

Therefore, in order to pursue a “full” sense of savings, they set up a natural circulation system and windbreaks to resist the cold wind and tsunami in terms of emotional needs. In terms of material accumulation, they are also very good at financial allocation.

Emotional reality is correct, and a rational, happy, and realistic self can be achieved.

The love of Taurus will not be as thrilling as in the novel, but it is definitely the most existential.

Taurus will like a down-to-earth, pragmatic or restrained partner, especially if the resume of this relationship can give both parties material satisfaction.

Taurus is a typical rational view of love. People who are in love with Taurus should be able to feel the reality behind them. It is also from this reality that allows Taurus to fall in love with others without delaying life and work, and to be self-consistent in a complete sense.

However, when Taurus is moved, they are so sincere to the person they are attracted to, they are willing to give all the treasures they think are incomparably precious for the person they are attracted to, and regard the happiness of the other person as their own happiness, and record it in the handbook of recording love, become a permanent memory.

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