LOVE usually refers to an experience a person feels for others. Love usually involves caring for or identifying with a person, including oneself. A person can be said to love an object, principle, or goal to which they are deeply committed. Psychology depicts love as a social and cognitive phenomenon.

If being in love is our natural state, the real question is, what is it that keeps this most precious inheritance away? How can we reclaim it and return to the intrinsic trust and joy we had as children?

Love Psychology Facts

Many fear they will be hurt. But contrary to popular opinion, real love never hurts or wounds. It is only our confused expectations that can undermine our lives. A Buddhist says, “Give up poisonous food wherever it is offered to you.” But most of us do not know what poison is and what it is nourishing in our relationships.

Once we know the difference between genuine and counterfeit love and learn the laws of love and how to practice them, we will be able to live a life of love and build relationships that cannot fail.

To begin this process, let us look a little deeper. It always seems as if relationships are difficult-difficult to find, keep and enjoy. Yet the fundamental truth is that there is no inherent problem with relationships at all. There is never a scarcity of relationships; there is never a scarcity of love.

The myth of finding love and happiness together

Most people don’t understand how happiness works. Thanks to the movies, they only believe in the magical pill solution where they can find happiness instantly right doing a specific action such as getting into a relationship. Usually, people who search for love to be happy are the ones with messed up lives and who want to escape from this mess by finding a pain killer such as a good relationship.

Because of the hormones released as soon as a person gets into a new relationship, the person manages to forget for a little while about his already existing pain. So the relationship in such a case serves the role of a pain killer to an already messed up life, but the question is if that person’s life wasn’t messed up, would he have thought that way?

Of course not; if the person’s life were normal, he would have been feeling good on his own and better with a loving partner, not horrible on his own and fine when in a relationship.

Love helps us manage. Life will be life. There will be trials and troubles, disasters and tragedies. Being in a loving and caring situation is a pillar of strength. When there seems merely misery, love is a reason to carry on and go onward. It provides the knowledge that matters can improve.

We can devote ourselves to love but always remember to be rational about it. Whether the result is the beginning of a marriage or the end of love, we have to keep reminding ourselves not to lose ourselves in the affection.

It is no good waiting for love to turn up; you must act. Otherwise, you will lose many opportunities. The modern rules are that we should grasp the chance and go after someone we admire.

We can despise those who look down on pursuers. However, it is foolish to shut others out and fruitless to seal up love. We can own true love as long as we build confidence and be active.

Love is an essential element of feeling content. For some reason, people that don’t have love are forever searching and never finding. Their entire existence fills with striving for the following thing. Internal calm and contentment evade them.


Falling in love doesn’t mean being blind or entering into fantasy. It means waking out of darkened dreams to see the beauty surrounding us finally. A little endurance is required, along with the willingness to face the shadows that will dispel as soon as we invite in the light.

Love induces a condition of cheerfulness and contentment. Besides the measured chemical changes that happiness brings, good humor helps cure any ailment. The curative properties of hilarity are the most efficient means of curing cancer.

It is brought on by a significant loving relationship and is about as potent a therapeutic agent as is recognized to man. A tranquil and caring environment improves even the effects of medication. Apart from all this, love lowers blood pressure and helps avoid depression.

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