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Since 2005, Ask Now has been serving people from all over the world with quality, trusted psychics. They offer phone-based readings 24 hours a day, so you can always get the help you need. When you visit their website, you may notice that it has a somewhat retro look and it is not easy to find some of the information you may need. While there are some downsides in this area, don’t let it make you think you lack the qualities of a psychic. They do have a good overall reputation for great service.



  • $1 per minute for first purchase

  • More than 77 psychic mediums to choose from

  • mobile friendly

  • retro look

  • Satisfaction Guarantee only counts for a maximum of 10 minutes

Ask Now doesn’t have as many psychics on their site as many other providers, and for good reason. They have a strict screening process where anyone who wants to be featured in their service has to pass a test. Most people who apply to join the Ask Now team are rejected after going through all the different screening steps, leaving them with only the top academics who can actually help users.

Type Of Service

This provider doesn’t break down psychology by category like many sites do. Instead, they say you can ask your psychic about any topic you want and they will try to give you a comprehensive answer. The psychic can then use whatever method they are most familiar with to arrive at the answer or advice you need. Their popular categories are tarot reading, numerology, astrology, past life reading, dream analysis, spiritual guidance, love and relationship reading, career reading, currency and financial reading, etc…


The company’s pricing is reasonable, especially for new customers. They charge $1 per minute on your first purchase, and they also give you 5 minutes for free with your first 15 minutes of reading. That means you can get 15 minutes of readings for just $10. Besides that, they don’t list a fixed price that you have to pay for later readings, which is annoying. Once you get into their service, you’ll find that the prices have gone up a bit, but are still in the middle of the industry standard.

Customer Support

The customer service team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. If you don’t enjoy reading, you can request a refund and you can have up to 5 minutes credited to your account. While this isn’t as good as a full refund or cash back offer, it’s still nice to see they stand by their customers and want to make sure users have a good overall experience.


Like the vast majority of psychological services websites, their privacy policy applies only to what they will do with the information you collect when setting up your account and interacting with the website. It says nothing about the privacy of information shared with individual psychics. While they don’t have a written policy in this regard, they do have a strong reputation. Legitimate psychics in this industry know the importance of being cautious and not sharing anything you say with anyone else.

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